To obtain Greece Golden Visa, select the property you would to like to invest in and follow the steps below

Legal Steps

> Obtain a Greek non resident tax number

> Open a Greek bank account

> Legal due diligence on the property

> Acquire the property by signing the sale and purchase agreement and the public deed

Golden Visa Application

> Submit the application and the necessary documentation

> 2 copies of the application form

> 4 recent color photographs

> Certified copy of passport

> Copy of the final sales contract of property min. value €250,000

> Transfer Certificate (of title deed) from the Land Registry

> Tax fees €500 and €16 for residence permits

> Health and medical insurance

> Visit Greece and submit biometric data to the authorities

Golden Visa resident card

> Application approval and issuance of Golden Visa resident card

> Renewalevery every five years

Citizenship application

> After seven years of residency and payment of taxes, you will be able to apply for Greek citizenship and a Greek passport.

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